Grabby Shadows

Session 15

After the non-stop flight from the undead, kobolds, and Brackner, a week in the back of a horse-drawn wagon riding casually south towards Goliath is a welcome break and a chance to think back on the chaos of the past two weeks. Such reflections are interrupted when two days north of Goliath you find a burning wagon, it’s occupants apparently dragged into the wheat fields to the east. Further investigation makes our heroes suspect an ambush. While your suspicions prove correct, what surprises you is that the ambush is led by the kobold mage who defeated you soundly at Nesser. What he’s doing this far west is the least of your concerns as he unleashes elemental magic upon you, daring you to pursue him into the long grass. A short skirmish with the mage and his allies convinces Veiden that this battle won’t be run by ranged weapons. He braces himself against the inevitable traps and strides after the mage. Fortunately, Veiden’s tough armor and tougher body weather most of the kobolds’ traps unscathed. His allies follow the path that he clears and soon a melee is underway. The mage’s companions are soon cut down, although not without inflicting some terrible wounds on our heroes. Eventually, the mage’s last ally flees and he himself is forced to try to escape. Clever maneuvering and precise aim keep him from making a clean getaway. Sancero hot on his heels, the kobold attempted to take shelter and flee in the wagon, but Zerion redoubles his efforts and turns the inside of the wagon into an arcane meat grinder.

A mere two weeks ago, this kobold humiliated you, twice, and largely without aid. With his death comes realization that even if Nesser still existed, none of you would fit in any longer. You’ve grown beyond your humble roots as farmers or street thugs. You’re along way from being able to challenge the likes of the Baron’s knights, but it no longer seems like such a dream.

Shortly after leaving the carnage behind (Zerion makes sure to clean up his mess), you group realizes that a lone rider is shadowing them at a considerable distance. As dusk sets, Veiden and Veralisse slip into the wheat and ambush the rider as he passes. Their enthusiastic challenge startles the horse, dumping the rider firmly on his ass and with a cocky grin Veiden offers the man a ride in their wagon as he seems to be without a mount.

Veralisse, Veiden, and the rider (who while apparently living is keeping his face completely hidden with a hood and wrappings) walk back to where Zerion and Sancero wait with the wagon. He reveals that he is from the Shadowfell and has followed the group in order to exchange information. He tells you many things regarding the Shadowfell’s Baron and his connection to your own. He also believes that the residents of the Shadowfell are reflections of the people of your world. As evidence, the Delcress family died out here years ago and every since their line in the Shadowfell has been plagued by random tragedies, including Vaygar’s death when he dove from the ship. Vaygar’s brother, Mairn, may not suffer such a fate since he was born to the lady Delcress’ first husband and therefor carries no actual Delcress blood. As one last piece of information, he tells you that Veiden’s people managed to save many of Nesser’s population, but that they are still trapped in the Shadowfell, adrift and without food on the Lake of Souls. Their fate is uncertain, to say the least.

In exchange for this information, the man asks your help in dealing with the material plane. The sun, food, and vast expanses of this world disorient him. You help him with this and having told each other a little about your plans, he takes back his horse (captured by Zerion and Sancero) and rides off toward’s Night’s End. His true purpose hasn’t been made entirely clear, but it’s apparent that he has an interest in breaking out of the current situation, by opposing the Baron’s if need be. He will see what he can discover in Night’s End and meet you there if you make it that far. Concerning the FeyWilde, he warns you that while they would certainly be of help against the Shadowfell, their Baron is also likely a reflection of the other two and shares their greed and authoritarian tendencies. Just because he’s losing the war doesn’t mean he should garner your sympathies.

You consider all of these things as you approach Goliath, the Barony’s effective capitol east of the mountains and much more massive than Veiden or Zerion have seen before.

Session 14

Ok, so everyone was sneaking out of town. You guys, Keiger Melthas, Hailos Blackblood, and Riktis Longclaw. You made it to the gates, but there were ambushed by Brackner and his goons. Brackner tried to get you all to surrender…and we know how well that tends to work with your group ::coughsancerocough:: Brackner told his villainous minions to deal with you while he opened a gate to the Shadowfell and sucked Keiger and Hailos through with him. Surprise #1, you guys can do that too. Sancero accidentally left the Raven Queen’s House behind and you all found yourself in pitch black. Veralisse lit a torch to discover that Keiger had been all shot up by the huge number of skeletons that had waited here in ambush. Keiger and Hailos were trying to take the fight to brackner, but it wasn’t working so well. Surprise #2, Zerion doesn’t care about skeletons. With a little razzle-dazzle he got to make use of his fancy blackmarket staff and proceeded to incinerate about 20 minions, eliciting shouts of shock and anger from nearby battlements, directed both at Zerion and Brackner. So the fight became everyone vs Brackner. Brackner started to hold his own, but was largely overmatched. You beat him down relentlessly while his few remaining skeletal archers disappeared one by one in a kobold-y flurry. Brackner did manage to get in a knee-splitting shot on Keiger, Veiden, and Sancero. And a wizardy companion managed to cross over with a rogue and started to shoot, but Veralisse won that wizard’s duel. Once the beatdown of Brackner was complete, you grabbed his body and teleported back, ignoring the strangely sincere-sounding cries from the dark battlements that if you dropped your weapons you wouldn’t be harmed (people there apparently didn’t shed any tears over Brackner’s death). Back in the real world you fled…very, very slowly. Only with the aid of your trusty kobold did you manage to find hidden shelter before a patrol from Applebourne road by. You spent the night resting and planning your next move. Many negotiations with Riktis happened as well. In the end, Riktis ran off to hide the three dragon eggs and has also (with great effort from his tiny kobold muscles) moved Brackner’s body (after you stole his armor and boots) to somewhere where he doesn’t think it will be found and raised. He also used some of your cash to buy a covered wagon and two horses. The following morning I think the plan is that Riktis is going his own way, Keiger and Hailos are traveling North to Fortress Hakaisis to look for support among the northern knights, and you’re all heading south to Goliath, hoping that Veralisse’s family will be able/willing to help find a way to communicate with the FeyWild. Also, people were still debating whether they wanted to be safely on this side of the mountains or secretly in Night’s End if Keiger manages to put together a civil war.

Session 13

The conversation down in the basement of the Wailing Braggart is interrupted by unexpected guests. Unexpected guests make Varetha extremely nervous. She goes up to see who it is. It turns out it’s Veralisse, acting perhaps a bit too snooty for her own good. Veralisse learns not to piss off Rogues and then walk down the stairs in front of them. After she wakes up she persuades people that she didn’t betray them and wins her freedom from Oafen’s giant hands. More discussion is had. It’s agreed that an escape attempt will be made the following night. Varetha and Oafen will take care of the local knights (you don’t know how. Table-dancing was suggested). The PCs and Riktis Longclaw will need to escape out one of the gates with Keiger and Hailos. Also, it’s decided that Kaifi is going to be hidden away here. She’s a brave enough little girl, but she recognizes that being a 10 year-old is just slowing you down.

So people go their separate ways. Sancero gets to meet Fennik, Veralisse’s out-of-his-mind friend. Discussions are had. The next morning Veiden is also invited to his place for a delicious breakfast. He hears about what’s going on and offers to use his contacts to clear the Eastern gate of guards for a few minutes at midnight, under the guise of him smuggling in some farmer’s daughter or some such (the scandal!) Also, he tells you about Havenbrook, a town to the west that befell a similar fate to Nesser’s eight years ago.

Everyone meets back up in the evening. Some discussion is had concerning plans, both short and longterm. Keiger, obviously tormented by his actions at Nesser, tells you what little he can about the Baron’s overall plans. He tells you what he can about Havenbrook as well and people wonder if it’s worth going there after all. Keiger’s plan is to take Hailos and travel North to the Fortress Hakaisis where hopefully some of his old friends will help him form some sort of resistance to the Baron and his tendency to sacrifice villages to the Shadowfell in exchange for magical weapons. The rest of that discussion will have to wait though as midnight is approaching.

Session 12

Debate! Sancero and Veralisse argue with each other and the wraith about all sorts of things while Veiden and Zerion loot the wagon with the scaled jack. Some wonderful monies, a staff for Zerion, and a mysterious steel coffin that you’re unable to open. The wraith doesn’t seem to overly disapprove of the looting. He does manage to get everyone moving as more of the Baron’s men will likely be stopping by soon. He has agreed to escort you to the nearest inhabited place, although he can’t say where in the material plane that will line up with. Along the way there’s a lot of grilling. Here’s what I remember from our creepy-wraith Q&A:

Q: Who are you?! A: ...

Q: Why are you protecting us?! A: ... (zerion): Maybe he’s not a dishonorable jackass? He said he would…

Q: What’s with all this fighting? A: We are forbidden to discuss it with outsiders.

Q: Something or other about the Baron. A: Our Baron and your Baron are similar, but different people.

Q: How are they connected? A: It’s impossible for me to describe that to you. You’d have to be at Night’s End to understand.

During this multi-day walk the wraith frequently scouted ahead or behind and was seen getting into fairly serious fights with Shadowfell icky things. At one point he said that one of the Baron’s patrols was tracking them and that he was leaving to throw them off the track. People suggested just ambushing the patrol, but the wraith was very much against that.

While waiting, more Sancero vs Veralisse arguing, about killing and religion and such. There was much debate all around about who the “good guys” are and where people should be headed. Night’s End seemed like a likely candidate, but there was opposition. That debate was interrupted by a horrible miasma of bones and necrotic ichor rising up to devour you. Whatever, you kill it. Kaifi got super-fucked up though. I’ve set her HP at 10 and she took 13. We’ll say you saved her. In all the goo you find a super-slimy set of leather armor. Eventually you learn that it resists necrotic damage, which is why it’s the only thing you find inside the beastie.

The wraith returns and seems interested in how well you faired against the beastie. You continue on. Eventually you see an outpost in the distance and you part ways with your escort, using a Shadowkey to teleport across, finding yourself at Applebourne.

Session 11

So as we start off, the party discovers that Mr. Faces is hollow under all those faces. Unnerving. You then discover that this Shedar-Kai sanctuary has been completely looted. During this searching, Sancero finds a dying Shedar-Kai and starts asking him about what happened. Veiden finds zombies and decides that attacking on his own is the best plan. Which is fair, he’s a dragon. Long story short, giant zombies step on Veiden and his allies have to come rescue him. Mekris almost dies and Kaifi becomes moderately useful in that she stopped Veiden and Mekris from bleeding to death. Loot the corpses! Sadly, the only thing these zombies have on them is AN AMBUSH!

A knight storms in through the mystical gate, accompanied by three squires and a pair of skeletal archers. Intrigued by the knight’s similarity to Vaygar Delcress in both features and armor (although this guy is both older and much stockier), Veralisse tries to calm things down as the knight is demanding that everyone drop their weapons. Unfortunately for her, apparently both Sancero and the knight botch their diplomacy checks and battle ensues. Veralisse becomes a conscientious objector concerned with information-gathering and linguistic acumen, while Zerion briefly considers joining her, but finally opts to fill some people with daggers. The fight goes back and forth, with this knight trying and failing to only engage one of the big fighters at a time. The knight is less powerful, but more consistent than Veiden and Sancero. He’s also more chatty, constantly taunting (or in some cases complimenting) his opponent and always bolstering his squires with stream of encouragement. Through these obnoxious exchanges you learn (this may not have been mentioned, but I’m adding it now) that the knight’s name is Mairn.

Mekris falls and Sancero and Veiden are both injured, but all through squires are knocked out of the fight and eventually Sir Mairn is knocked onto his ass, apparently defeated. Just before this, Mekris started choking and Zerion spotted a pair of sinister glowing eyes in the shadows. As Veiden stepped forward to deliver…well, either a killed blow or a “please stay down” poke in the chest, a figure (as black as night!) intervenes, briefly choking Veiden and throwing him back.

Commence uncomfortable standoff. Sir Mairn obviously recognizes the wraith and begins to address it, but is summarily choked into quiet (a rare state for Sir Mairn). The wraith addresses the party, saying that it has come as a guardian and asks what price the group would demand for Sir Mairn’s release. A great deal of arguing ensues, with Sancero and Veralisse demanding…all sorts of things. That the knight not actually be released. All information that the wraith has ever learning about anything. An Irish jig for their amusement? The wraith counter-offers with safe passage to anywhere in the Shadowfell, where they can then use their Shadowkey (which it somehow knows you have) to return to their own world. Zerion thinks that offer (with the hope of survival!) is fantastic. The others glower at him for valuing his own life above…stuff. More arguing commences. The wraith confirms that the knight (who he knocks out at this point) and Vaygar are brothers of the Delcress, a family in league with the Baron at Night’s End. He also clears up by pointing out that the “Baron” in the Shadowfell is not the same as in our world. He then thinks he’s given you enough information for now and demands that you leave the sanctuary. Veralisse and Sancero threaten both him and the unconscious knight. The wraith responds by expressing 1) a strange amount of apathy for the health of the knight he’s supposedly here to protect, and 2) contempt for the fighting prowess and current condition of the heroes. He reinforces his position by slamming Mekris’ head into the stone floor, spraying blood everywhere and causing another wraith to rise for the corpse. That gives everyone pause, but another threat was issued, so the wraith killed a squire in the same way, causing Zerion to kind of flip out and demand that his allies actually look at the situation. Apparently that was a good point. Especially for Sancero, who realized that further provoking the wraith would cause him to similarly steal the souls of the remaining squires. Everyone exits stage mystical gate, transporting everyone to some barren hilltop in the Shadowfell. The wraith follows, but surprisingly released the souls of the two wraiths he spawned before closing the gate to the sanctuary.

Session 10

In the previous session, our intrepid heroes had entered into a deal with three kobold brothers: Shrikli, Vorgrick, and Krok. If these powerful tallfolk would be so kind as to assassinate their ailing father, the brothers would make sure that the tribe provided them an escort out of the swamp. Unfortunately, the only person who understands the kobolds is Veiden and he is slightly less tricksy than kobolds. And so our heroes found themselves duped into throwing themselves in jail. The plus side being that the werewolf you tried to heal was feeling much better, well enough to bite through his chains in fact. After some cajoling, you got him talking. Turns out he’s not a werewolf, he’s a gnoll named Mekris. And while most gnolls are heinous villains focused solely on slaughter, Mekris belonged to a pack devoted to the Raven Queen. After Mekris and Sancero had a little “Who’s Love for the Raven Queen is Bigger?” contest, Sancero gave the gnoll back his holy rings and conversation began in earnest. Mekris’ pack was contacted by a Shedar-Kai emissary, asking the pack for assistance. The Shedar-Kai’s stronghold in the Shadowfell was under siege and the gnolls rushed to aid them. The plan was for the gnolls to suprise the kobolds, gain access to their basement, and then a Shedar-Kai mystic would open a gate between the worlds. The gnolls arrived too late though, both for the Shedar-Kai and themselves. The Shedar-Kai had already been wiped out and the gnolls were trapped in the material plane, between the kobold hordes above and the kobold necropolis below. Mekris assures you that the pack fought well, but in the end they were all killed or captured.

Various tricks were attempted to get the kobolds to free you, but they’re paranoid and sneaky and none of that worked. Fortunately, Kaifi is small enough to fit through their bolt holes and clever enough to steal their keys, so she ended up letting you out after a brief heart-to-heart with our tiefling Paladin.

Wary of facing unknown hordes of kobolds above them, the group descended to the necropolis and then used a ShadowKey to reach the Shedar-Kai sanctuary. There they discovered many dead Shedar-Kai and on the lower level, one of those wears-faces guys. Great battle was joined and the creature’s agility and skills turned out to be no match for our adventurers. The skeletons he called upon to help him arrived moments too late and now they and their leader are destroyed.

Session 9

The brothers lead you through the perimeter defenses to the old ruined watchtower where the king and his shaman advisor live and then run off to keep the rest of the village distracted. Heading Veralisse’s council, Veiden employs his most potent diplomatic skills: kicking in the door and mumbling something about surrender before killing things. The shaman was tough, what with his rats and such, but he was killed and you stole various herbal things. The other room on that level was a prison, filled with bones and with one living prisoner, apparently a werewolf. An herbal poultice was applied and then you went to visit the king. A bit more diplomacy was attempted this time, but the king was…well, probably crazy. You’re not sure. He attacked, along with mysterious hooded kobolds who turned out to be kobold wights. Wights? What’s going on here? Anyways, after a brief struggle victory was your’s and the wights retreated down the stairs. After some expert trap-disarming you discover:

800 GP (rich village, really) The ring that’s a hairpiece that’s Wildrunner Boots Paired rings made from a silvery metal and engraved with the symbol of the Raven Queen. You don’t know what they do. A piece of parchment with a riddle: I’m the part of the bird that’s not in the sky. I can swim in the ocean and yet remain dry.

Session 8

With the others looking on warily, Zerion attempts to use his magics to clear a path through the kobold traps. Hiding from the cover of the swamp, the kobolds begin taunting and screaming at him. Soon their taunts turn in raucous cries. At the peak of their crescendo they all fall suddenly silent. Distracted by the display, our heroes see the diving swamp drake too late and in a flash it’s flying away at top speed, Eliana struggling to escape its jaws. But there’s no time to mount a rescue, a second drake is just finishing its dive.

Confronted by a wall of swords and magic, this drake can’t simply snatch someone up and escape, so it lands. In doing so, its wings whip up a great deal of the muck that comprises the ground, blinding the group. Sancero recovers first and is immediately greatful for the new armor he took from the ship. Calling on the Raven Queen, he marks the beast to give his blinded comrads time to recover. The drake focuses its attacks on him, but its powerful jaws prove unable to pierce the enchanted steel. The drake keeps flining mud as well, but eventually the group can see again and they concentrate a withering onslaught on the wounded beast. Desperate to escape with a prize, the drake bites down on Sancero’s arm. It still can’t penetrate the steel, but it gets a solid grip and takes to the sky. The drake tries to ascend outside of the groups range, but before it can it’s brought down by a flurry of magic and javelins. The drake and Sancero crash to the ground and everyone breathes a sigh of relief as only Sancero gets up (albeit limping).

But there’s no time for rest! That first drake is back to see what’s taking his mate so long. You killed her! You savages! It charges in, all vengeful and such. But this time you’re ready for it and just about bloody it before it even touches down, due largely to a ridiculously powerful blast from Veralisse. Similar to the first one, it spends a couple turns gnawing on Sancero’s armor before just pick him up and trying to fly off. This one gets just out of range with its prize, but Veiden manages to throw Zerion high enough that he can get a shot off and Veralisse climbs on Veiden’s shoulders to similar effect. See all three of its remaining enemies in a nice vertical stack, the drake tries to throw his several-hundred pound victem back down to crush them all, but fortunately Sancero had wrapped his arms around the drake’s neck and wasn’t going anywhere. (As an aside, this probably saved the party. I don’t think the PHB has rules for calculating damage when a plate-mail clad paladin lands on you after a 60-foot drop, but I’m sure you wouldn’t like the result.) Sancero’s joy is short-lived however. The poison that Veralisse administered reaches the drake’s heart and it plummets. The earth shakes from the impact and Sancero ends up several inches in the earth between the two dead drakes. This time he doesn’t get out. His friends rush to his aid and by the time they have him stabilized the island is surrounded by approaching kobolds, a mix of anger and disbelief on their faces.

In no condition to fight an entire tribe, Veiden screams at them to back off. They’re intimidated, but a trio of leaders in the back try to spur them onwards. The brief skirmish that ensues starts with Zerion unleashing a blast of frost on the leaders, severly injuring them and killing several of their minions. Then there’s a brief exchange as the leaders try to organize their troops. Many of the kobolds flee (including one of the leaders), but the rest slip back into tall grass and approach by stealth. Again, Zerion freezes them, this time catching several with their faces below the swamp’s surface, effectively suffocating them when the swamp turned to ice. Their forces battered, the kobolds make a final desperate charge. The ensuing fight was pretty tense. The leaders pinned Veiden down and cut him up pretty badly while the three remaining goons tried to stop the wizard and warlock from using their ranged powers. Zerion’s Thunderwave solved that problem though, giving Veralisse the freeom she needed to blast one of the leaders harrying Veiden.

The last kobold sees that Veiden is on the verge of collapse (3HP!), but he knows he can’t take the two spellcasters by himself, not with the warlocks curse already upon him. He uses his surprising agility to maneuver to the edge of the grass and charges off through the swamp. Veralisse attempts to persue, forgetting that the entire area has been trapped. A powerful bear trap clamping around her leg ends her ability and motivation to continue the chase.

As Sancero is waking back up, they discover that the kobold leader that Veralisse took down is still alive. They tie him and and force him to clear the traps. They then try to get him to lead them all the way to Seagate. He’d love to, but there’s a lot of swamp between here and there, controlled by several kobold tribes. If, however, the tall folk will help him and his brothers overthrough their father as tribe leader, then they would of course repay such a favor with a kobold vangaurd through the swamps.

Session 7

With a quiet splash, Vaygar disappears below the eerily smooth surface of the lake. The deck of the ship is your’s. But Sancero’s keen eyes spot the telltale signs of an army returning from the north. If there’s anything you want to do on the boat, it seems like you’d better get it done and be gone in fifteen minutes.

Well that’s hardly enough time. Although most of you have some acquaintance with the fleet of little fishing boats at Nesser, the operation of a massive galleon such as this is well outside your practical experience. Veiden is determined, however, and with only a couple of minutes to spare, the group has cut the moorings, brought in the anchor, and raised the sails. The vessel drifts out into the lake and our brave heroes realize that while the boat is hopefully out of reach of the undead army, the lake itself is probably incredibly dangerous in the Shadowfell and none of you know how to navigate a boat like this. It seems the your fate is in the hands of the twisted currents of this dark place.

Veralisse, Zerion, and Kaifi Pwent remain on deck while Sancero, Veiden, and Eliana decide to do some exploring. Unfortunately, it has been a long time since the wood of this ship has been made to bear the weight of anything but emaciated husks. A combination of raw muscle and steel armor is just too much and the stairs collapse, forcing the exploring part to find another way back onto the deck. They find their way to the captain’s cabin, which is a nightmare to behold. The floor, walls, ceiling, and even furniture is apolstered with human faces. Investigating the room, there are maps and a good deal of money, as well as the captains pet, a horrifically transformed rat which attacks, but proves to be little challenge for our powerful adventurers. Having cleared the first floor of threats, the group returns to the deck via another staircase to report in. They go back down, this time taking Veralisse and Kaifi, leaving Zerion alone, steering the ship through the endless night.

On the next floor down they find Vaygar’s quarters. While trying to get in, the wood of the door warps into the face of a haggard, severe old woman who demands to know who you are and what you’re doing. Unsatisfied with the answers, she sets Vaygar’s room on fire, trying to deny you whatever treasures lie within and possibly sinking the ship as well. Desperate to contain the fire before it kills everyone, Veralisse runs back to the deck to get Zerion, hoping that his powerful magics can solve the problem. Zerion, however, has problems of his own. While the undead have few ways to mount a fullscale assault to reclaim their ship, they’ve sent a pair of those winged zombies, carrying a particularly aggressive and dangerous looking wight. Zerion is cornered by their sudden arrival, but he uses Veralisse’s call for help as a distraction to call forth a little razzle-dazzle and slip between his aggressors and down below decks. He and Veralisse flee back to the others on the floor below.

Upon arriving, the undead close on their heels, Zerion immediately goes to work on the most urgent problem, summoning forth some of this most powerful magics to extinguish the fire in Vaygar’s room. By the time he turns around, the battle is joined and his friends are fighting desperately for their lives. The winged zombies are hardly in their element in the cramped confined of the ship, but the wight is as agile as his is deadly. Veiden and Sancero’s attempts to create a defensive line are no match for the wight’s reflexes. It slips past them and lashes at out the more vulnerable party members, tearing their flesh while it’s necrotic claws drain the life energy from its victims.

Although badly wounded from the onslaught, Sancero refuses to retreat and pressed forward, driving the wight in Vaygar’s room. The rest of the group follows (well, everyone but Kaifi) and the wight is pressed back into a corner. Suffering egregious wounds, Sancero finally falls, driving the wight into a frenzy. It bears down on Zerion, but Vedien manages to beat it back and finally, Eliana pins it with her arcane powers and destroys it.

With Sancero so close to his beloved Raven Queen and the rest of the group not much better off, the group barricades themselves inside Vaygar’s room and does their best to recuperate. Searching the room, they find a good luck charm that Vaygar had chosen not to wear earlier, as well as a finally crafted suit of plate mail. Vaygar doesn’t seem much like the knightly type, but perhaps he is. Or perhaps it was a family heirloom he traveled with. Either way, it’s Sancero’s now. Besides the magical equipment, Veralisse searches the room for any personal effects that might have escaped the fire. Most of Vaygar’s belongings are ash, but she find a chest of family portraits. On Vaygar’s father she recognizes the crest of one of the noble families at Night’s End. She also discovers that the face in the doorway was his mother.

Although the night’s rest has done Sancero and the others a world of good, investigating farther into the ship is a prospect no one finds inviting. Returning instead to the deck, they find that a night’s sailing with no one at the wheel has brought the ship close to the shoreline. Not wanting to remain in the Shadowfell and tempt fate any longer, they beach the ship, set it aflame, and use the Shadowkey medallion to pass between the worlds, arriving safely on the shores of the Blackwater Marshes. The relief and being back in the world of the living is tempered by the knowledge that the Blackwater is infested by the most dangerous and brazen of the kobold tribes. The group begins heading down the shore, hoping to reach the safety of Seabreak, still several days away.

Keenly aware that they stick out painfully in the swamp and that the kobolds are masters of stealth, our heroes suspect that they are being followed and prepare for a night raid. None comes, but upon awaking in the morning, they find their camp surrounded by a twisted network of ropes and traps. Veiden’s attempts to speak with the kobolds hiding out in the tall grass fail and Zerion begins attempting to clear a path with his magic, with no idea how many reptilian foes might be lying in wait.

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