Vaygar Delcress

Vaygar is the second son of the Delcress family in the Shadowfell. A charming and talented noble, he is generally very laid back. Although he apparently owned a very impressive set of armor, when forced to fight he prefers relying on speed and skill and attacks primarily using his Chorus of Souls, a bauble on his belt from which he calls forth spirits of the dead. He has the ability to conduct these spirits such that their haunting melodies can have fairly disastrous effects on the living.

The survivors of Nesser first encountered him guarding the galleon which was to take the abducted village back to Night’s End. Avoiding a confrontation as long as possible, Vaygar seemed quite content to let the survivors go while the Skindancer and his army were away. Being tricked by Veralisse’s guile, he ended up losing the ship and was forced to dive off the deck into the Lake of Souls.

Veralisse found out a bit about Vaygar while trying to distract him. He is a proper noble, quite skilled in etiquette, but feels very constrained by his family. His mother in particular seems particularly judgmental when it comes to Vaygar’s choices for female company. In fact, she has a tendency to kill them. Vaygar apparently tends to raise these ex-girlfriends from the dead, providing him with a personal escort of skeletons.

Although Vaygar’s casual jump from the deck and the kiss he blew to Veralisse made it apparent that he wasn’t concerned about the lake of souls, the rider later revealed that Vaygar had perished in it. The curse that binds his family to the now-deceased Delcress family on the material plane seems to have caught up with him

Vaygar Delcress

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