Riktis Longclaw

Riktis is a kobold who specializes in the hunting and trapping of large monsters, although he is apparently often forced to take on less prestigious work. Our heroes first encountered him in the foothills of the Pyrefell Mountains. The kobold chieftain Triskilik hired Riktis to capture a rage drake, hoping that is’t similarity to dragons would earn him greater fame among his people. The heroes killed Triskilik and inadvertently foiled the trap Riktis had set for the rage drake. Riktis was captured briefly, but released when the rage drake arrived and became the focus of attention. In the ensuing commotion, Riktis lifted the bag of 2,000 gold pieces off of Veiden and fled. By the time the heroes caught up to him, he had stashed the gold and had an escape rout. In a long debate with Veiden and Sancero, Riktis proved himself to be a business man. Convincing the larger humanoids that they’d never find the bag, he persuaded them to leave by informing them of a plot to attack Nesser.

The heroes encountered Riktis again in Applebourne where he was looking for work. Having no love for the knights who continually harassed him, Riktis was willing to tell the heroes (for his standard fee of 30 GP) about Brackner’s search for Keiger Melthas and Hailos Blackblood. He also helped locate those two while they were under the protection of Varetha and Oafen. Finally, in exchange for a case of three dragon eggs, Riktis helped the group escape, faught off some of Brackner’s men, found shelter from the city militia, and disposed of Brackner’s body. That was the last he was seen.

Riktis has a strange disdain for his own kind. He’ll work with them for money, but obviously thinks that for the most part they are incompetent, a sentiment he seems to extend to most people but is focused on kobolds.

Riktis speaks goblin and draconic. People suspect he understands common.

Riktis was very eager to get his hands on those dragon eggs, but it’s unclear why.

In a conversation with Veiden, Riktis expressed his low opinion for kobolds, but also mentioned that in looking for aid against the Baron, other draconic allies might be helpful.

Riktis Longclaw

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