A dwarven priest of Erathis and an advisor to the Baron. He was at the incident at Nesser and is apparently the one who opened all the portals to the Shadowfell, leading to the kidnapping of the populace.

Although claiming to be a priest of Erathis, the priests in Applebourne mentioned that Brackner never stays at the temple when he’s in town, preferring to remain ‘among the people.’ Since then, it has come into doubt that he’s a priest at all and may instead be a warlock or some other arcane magician.

In Applebourne he was hunting for Keiger Melthas and Hailos Blackblood, who apparently turned against him at Nesser following our heroes’ disappearance into the Shadowfell. Despite the best-laid plans, Brackner managed to ambush the group as they were sneaking out of Applebourne. He either used a Shadowkey or a similar power of his own to abduct Keiger and Hailos into the Shadowfell, where a large contingent of undead was waiting for them. The heroes used their own Shadowkey to follow and Zerion used his illegal Staff of Light to decimate the undead ranks. In the ensuing battle, Brackner was killed. After returning to the material world, Riktis Longclaw was given the task of disposing of the body.

Body or not, given how heavily involved Brackner was with the Shadowfell, it seems likely that he may return someday in another form.

Angered insults from the men at the Shadowfell’s reflection of Applebourne indicate that Brackner was not in high standing with the Shadowfell’s Baron’s military at the time of his death.


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