Grabby Shadows

Session 6

Our brave heroes (with adorable little Kaifi Pwent] in tow) leave the dark reflection of the mayors house and continue towards the looming galleon at the docks. On their way there they cross paths with an unsettling group. A pair of wights, a big zombie dog, and a man(?) clad in a skirt/shirt/hood/boots/gloves/mask all sewn together from people’s faces (although not dragonborn, one might assume that the scales don’t tan in the same way), and with a belt carrying a wipe range of small knives (scalpels) and hooks. They were headed north, towards what sounded like a rather large conflict. Some people (notable Zerion I think) were all for running away from the creepy dude, but before that could happen, that guy apparently decided you weren’t worth his time and sent a wight and zombie-dog after you and then continued north. BATTLE ENSUES! The wight was a ranged guy and stayed away from the short-fight with the zombie dog, made slightly longer by the wight raising the thing after you killed it the first time. You learned that zombie dogs go down pretty easily, but deal a lot of damage and make free attacks when you kill them. Then there was a long running battle wherein you discovered that everything bad that can happen always happens to Sancero. Veiden also discovered that when you corner wights they attack you with claws and those apparently steal away healing surges. So…you know, watch out! Loot the corpses! Aw, turns out that the undead don’t have a lot of use for money. But you found on the dog collar a shiny obsidian(?) disk that after some arcana checks seems to have a daily power to transport the user and everyone (on any side) with 10 spaces either from Shadowfell to the material plane or from the material plane to Shadowfell.

On to the boat! Earlier you’d seen a vast host of the undead moving to the north, so now was the time to strike. You found a single gangplank guarded by four skeletal archers and one young guy in a simple black coat, looking entirely too nonchalant for such a seemingly dark and dire situation. Begin hilarious, hilarious dialog. The guy wants to know who you are. You try to convince him that you’re friends. That doesn’t fly. Veralisse tries to convince him that she’s a wondering noble and the rest of you are her escorts. The guy, it turns out, is also also nobility and seems to accept Veralisse’s story…at least marginally. She wants to rest on his boat. No dice, its his duty to not let anyone on board while his boss is gone. Who is his boss? The guy wearing all the faces. And marginally also Brackner, the dwarven priest back in the material world. If you want to get on the boat you’d have to speak to one of them. But Veralisse is TIRED. Alright, she can come on board, but not her weapon-carrying thugs. Debate debate debate, fine. She goes up the ramp and begins yet more bizarre dialog. The guy’s name is Vayger. He’s nice, but guarded. But Veralisse’s charms get him to tell her a little more. He’s nobility, probably from the Barony’s capital of Night’s End. He has overly protective parents who are intent on arranging his marriage to a woman of higher status to advance their family. In fact, each of these skeletons was once a girlfriend of his who his parents found out about and had killed. Veralisse expresses- CHARGE! The others, seeing Vaygar Delcress slightly distracted and tired of waiting for Veralisse to fucking do something get behind their shields and rush the guards. More hilarious bluff checks ensue. Veralisse tries to take out the archers while convincing Vaygar that she’s jealous of his ex’s. Vayger tries to restrain her with GRABBY SHADOWS, telling her it’s for her protection and that her underlings are obviously rising up against the aristocracy. He also reveals himself to be that most potent of adventuring classes, the Conductor. He summons forth a chorus of souls and they wail out a mournful tune which saps the strength and will from the willing. Veralisse does a good job of destroying the archers though and Sancero and Zerion blast away the grabby shadows. Once on board the ship, Veralisse rejoins the group in trying to bring Vaygar down, all the while trying to convince him to surrender peacefully (Sancero, pointedly, is not inclined to do this peacefully, not with the guy wielding trapped souls). Vaygar continues to rain crescendos of screaming agony down upon the group, professing his sorrow that his duty as a noble will not allow him to so easily surrender the ship. Eliana eyebites him, which obviously works as he now has eyes for no girl but Veralisse. Veralisse tries to eyebite him as well, but obviously that fails, he can’t take his eyes off of her. Sancero is tired of all this foofy retarded nobility romance bullshit and smacks the holy fuck out of the guy. Bloodied and seeing that he doesn’t stand a chance, Content Not Found: 18344 leaps over the side of the ship, blowing Veralisse a kiss as he disappears over the railing.


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