Grabby Shadows

Session 9

The brothers lead you through the perimeter defenses to the old ruined watchtower where the king and his shaman advisor live and then run off to keep the rest of the village distracted. Heading Veralisse’s council, Veiden employs his most potent diplomatic skills: kicking in the door and mumbling something about surrender before killing things. The shaman was tough, what with his rats and such, but he was killed and you stole various herbal things. The other room on that level was a prison, filled with bones and with one living prisoner, apparently a werewolf. An herbal poultice was applied and then you went to visit the king. A bit more diplomacy was attempted this time, but the king was…well, probably crazy. You’re not sure. He attacked, along with mysterious hooded kobolds who turned out to be kobold wights. Wights? What’s going on here? Anyways, after a brief struggle victory was your’s and the wights retreated down the stairs. After some expert trap-disarming you discover:

800 GP (rich village, really) The ring that’s a hairpiece that’s Wildrunner Boots Paired rings made from a silvery metal and engraved with the symbol of the Raven Queen. You don’t know what they do. A piece of parchment with a riddle: I’m the part of the bird that’s not in the sky. I can swim in the ocean and yet remain dry.



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