Grabby Shadows

Session 15

After the non-stop flight from the undead, kobolds, and Brackner, a week in the back of a horse-drawn wagon riding casually south towards Goliath is a welcome break and a chance to think back on the chaos of the past two weeks. Such reflections are interrupted when two days north of Goliath you find a burning wagon, it’s occupants apparently dragged into the wheat fields to the east. Further investigation makes our heroes suspect an ambush. While your suspicions prove correct, what surprises you is that the ambush is led by the kobold mage who defeated you soundly at Nesser. What he’s doing this far west is the least of your concerns as he unleashes elemental magic upon you, daring you to pursue him into the long grass. A short skirmish with the mage and his allies convinces Veiden that this battle won’t be run by ranged weapons. He braces himself against the inevitable traps and strides after the mage. Fortunately, Veiden’s tough armor and tougher body weather most of the kobolds’ traps unscathed. His allies follow the path that he clears and soon a melee is underway. The mage’s companions are soon cut down, although not without inflicting some terrible wounds on our heroes. Eventually, the mage’s last ally flees and he himself is forced to try to escape. Clever maneuvering and precise aim keep him from making a clean getaway. Sancero hot on his heels, the kobold attempted to take shelter and flee in the wagon, but Zerion redoubles his efforts and turns the inside of the wagon into an arcane meat grinder.

A mere two weeks ago, this kobold humiliated you, twice, and largely without aid. With his death comes realization that even if Nesser still existed, none of you would fit in any longer. You’ve grown beyond your humble roots as farmers or street thugs. You’re along way from being able to challenge the likes of the Baron’s knights, but it no longer seems like such a dream.

Shortly after leaving the carnage behind (Zerion makes sure to clean up his mess), you group realizes that a lone rider is shadowing them at a considerable distance. As dusk sets, Veiden and Veralisse slip into the wheat and ambush the rider as he passes. Their enthusiastic challenge startles the horse, dumping the rider firmly on his ass and with a cocky grin Veiden offers the man a ride in their wagon as he seems to be without a mount.

Veralisse, Veiden, and the rider (who while apparently living is keeping his face completely hidden with a hood and wrappings) walk back to where Zerion and Sancero wait with the wagon. He reveals that he is from the Shadowfell and has followed the group in order to exchange information. He tells you many things regarding the Shadowfell’s Baron and his connection to your own. He also believes that the residents of the Shadowfell are reflections of the people of your world. As evidence, the Delcress family died out here years ago and every since their line in the Shadowfell has been plagued by random tragedies, including Vaygar’s death when he dove from the ship. Vaygar’s brother, Mairn, may not suffer such a fate since he was born to the lady Delcress’ first husband and therefor carries no actual Delcress blood. As one last piece of information, he tells you that Veiden’s people managed to save many of Nesser’s population, but that they are still trapped in the Shadowfell, adrift and without food on the Lake of Souls. Their fate is uncertain, to say the least.

In exchange for this information, the man asks your help in dealing with the material plane. The sun, food, and vast expanses of this world disorient him. You help him with this and having told each other a little about your plans, he takes back his horse (captured by Zerion and Sancero) and rides off toward’s Night’s End. His true purpose hasn’t been made entirely clear, but it’s apparent that he has an interest in breaking out of the current situation, by opposing the Baron’s if need be. He will see what he can discover in Night’s End and meet you there if you make it that far. Concerning the FeyWilde, he warns you that while they would certainly be of help against the Shadowfell, their Baron is also likely a reflection of the other two and shares their greed and authoritarian tendencies. Just because he’s losing the war doesn’t mean he should garner your sympathies.

You consider all of these things as you approach Goliath, the Barony’s effective capitol east of the mountains and much more massive than Veiden or Zerion have seen before.



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