Grabby Shadows

Session 14

Ok, so everyone was sneaking out of town. You guys, Keiger Melthas, Hailos Blackblood, and Riktis Longclaw. You made it to the gates, but there were ambushed by Brackner and his goons. Brackner tried to get you all to surrender…and we know how well that tends to work with your group ::coughsancerocough:: Brackner told his villainous minions to deal with you while he opened a gate to the Shadowfell and sucked Keiger and Hailos through with him. Surprise #1, you guys can do that too. Sancero accidentally left the Raven Queen’s House behind and you all found yourself in pitch black. Veralisse lit a torch to discover that Keiger had been all shot up by the huge number of skeletons that had waited here in ambush. Keiger and Hailos were trying to take the fight to brackner, but it wasn’t working so well. Surprise #2, Zerion doesn’t care about skeletons. With a little razzle-dazzle he got to make use of his fancy blackmarket staff and proceeded to incinerate about 20 minions, eliciting shouts of shock and anger from nearby battlements, directed both at Zerion and Brackner. So the fight became everyone vs Brackner. Brackner started to hold his own, but was largely overmatched. You beat him down relentlessly while his few remaining skeletal archers disappeared one by one in a kobold-y flurry. Brackner did manage to get in a knee-splitting shot on Keiger, Veiden, and Sancero. And a wizardy companion managed to cross over with a rogue and started to shoot, but Veralisse won that wizard’s duel. Once the beatdown of Brackner was complete, you grabbed his body and teleported back, ignoring the strangely sincere-sounding cries from the dark battlements that if you dropped your weapons you wouldn’t be harmed (people there apparently didn’t shed any tears over Brackner’s death). Back in the real world you fled…very, very slowly. Only with the aid of your trusty kobold did you manage to find hidden shelter before a patrol from Applebourne road by. You spent the night resting and planning your next move. Many negotiations with Riktis happened as well. In the end, Riktis ran off to hide the three dragon eggs and has also (with great effort from his tiny kobold muscles) moved Brackner’s body (after you stole his armor and boots) to somewhere where he doesn’t think it will be found and raised. He also used some of your cash to buy a covered wagon and two horses. The following morning I think the plan is that Riktis is going his own way, Keiger and Hailos are traveling North to Fortress Hakaisis to look for support among the northern knights, and you’re all heading south to Goliath, hoping that Veralisse’s family will be able/willing to help find a way to communicate with the FeyWild. Also, people were still debating whether they wanted to be safely on this side of the mountains or secretly in Night’s End if Keiger manages to put together a civil war.



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