Grabby Shadows

Session 13

The conversation down in the basement of the Wailing Braggart is interrupted by unexpected guests. Unexpected guests make Varetha extremely nervous. She goes up to see who it is. It turns out it’s Veralisse, acting perhaps a bit too snooty for her own good. Veralisse learns not to piss off Rogues and then walk down the stairs in front of them. After she wakes up she persuades people that she didn’t betray them and wins her freedom from Oafen’s giant hands. More discussion is had. It’s agreed that an escape attempt will be made the following night. Varetha and Oafen will take care of the local knights (you don’t know how. Table-dancing was suggested). The PCs and Riktis Longclaw will need to escape out one of the gates with Keiger and Hailos. Also, it’s decided that Kaifi is going to be hidden away here. She’s a brave enough little girl, but she recognizes that being a 10 year-old is just slowing you down.

So people go their separate ways. Sancero gets to meet Fennik, Veralisse’s out-of-his-mind friend. Discussions are had. The next morning Veiden is also invited to his place for a delicious breakfast. He hears about what’s going on and offers to use his contacts to clear the Eastern gate of guards for a few minutes at midnight, under the guise of him smuggling in some farmer’s daughter or some such (the scandal!) Also, he tells you about Havenbrook, a town to the west that befell a similar fate to Nesser’s eight years ago.

Everyone meets back up in the evening. Some discussion is had concerning plans, both short and longterm. Keiger, obviously tormented by his actions at Nesser, tells you what little he can about the Baron’s overall plans. He tells you what he can about Havenbrook as well and people wonder if it’s worth going there after all. Keiger’s plan is to take Hailos and travel North to the Fortress Hakaisis where hopefully some of his old friends will help him form some sort of resistance to the Baron and his tendency to sacrifice villages to the Shadowfell in exchange for magical weapons. The rest of that discussion will have to wait though as midnight is approaching.



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