Grabby Shadows

Session 12

Debate! Sancero and Veralisse argue with each other and the wraith about all sorts of things while Veiden and Zerion loot the wagon with the scaled jack. Some wonderful monies, a staff for Zerion, and a mysterious steel coffin that you’re unable to open. The wraith doesn’t seem to overly disapprove of the looting. He does manage to get everyone moving as more of the Baron’s men will likely be stopping by soon. He has agreed to escort you to the nearest inhabited place, although he can’t say where in the material plane that will line up with. Along the way there’s a lot of grilling. Here’s what I remember from our creepy-wraith Q&A:

Q: Who are you?! A: ...

Q: Why are you protecting us?! A: ... (zerion): Maybe he’s not a dishonorable jackass? He said he would…

Q: What’s with all this fighting? A: We are forbidden to discuss it with outsiders.

Q: Something or other about the Baron. A: Our Baron and your Baron are similar, but different people.

Q: How are they connected? A: It’s impossible for me to describe that to you. You’d have to be at Night’s End to understand.

During this multi-day walk the wraith frequently scouted ahead or behind and was seen getting into fairly serious fights with Shadowfell icky things. At one point he said that one of the Baron’s patrols was tracking them and that he was leaving to throw them off the track. People suggested just ambushing the patrol, but the wraith was very much against that.

While waiting, more Sancero vs Veralisse arguing, about killing and religion and such. There was much debate all around about who the “good guys” are and where people should be headed. Night’s End seemed like a likely candidate, but there was opposition. That debate was interrupted by a horrible miasma of bones and necrotic ichor rising up to devour you. Whatever, you kill it. Kaifi got super-fucked up though. I’ve set her HP at 10 and she took 13. We’ll say you saved her. In all the goo you find a super-slimy set of leather armor. Eventually you learn that it resists necrotic damage, which is why it’s the only thing you find inside the beastie.

The wraith returns and seems interested in how well you faired against the beastie. You continue on. Eventually you see an outpost in the distance and you part ways with your escort, using a Shadowkey to teleport across, finding yourself at Applebourne.



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