Grabby Shadows

Session 10

In the previous session, our intrepid heroes had entered into a deal with three kobold brothers: Shrikli, Vorgrick, and Krok. If these powerful tallfolk would be so kind as to assassinate their ailing father, the brothers would make sure that the tribe provided them an escort out of the swamp. Unfortunately, the only person who understands the kobolds is Veiden and he is slightly less tricksy than kobolds. And so our heroes found themselves duped into throwing themselves in jail. The plus side being that the werewolf you tried to heal was feeling much better, well enough to bite through his chains in fact. After some cajoling, you got him talking. Turns out he’s not a werewolf, he’s a gnoll named Mekris. And while most gnolls are heinous villains focused solely on slaughter, Mekris belonged to a pack devoted to the Raven Queen. After Mekris and Sancero had a little “Who’s Love for the Raven Queen is Bigger?” contest, Sancero gave the gnoll back his holy rings and conversation began in earnest. Mekris’ pack was contacted by a Shedar-Kai emissary, asking the pack for assistance. The Shedar-Kai’s stronghold in the Shadowfell was under siege and the gnolls rushed to aid them. The plan was for the gnolls to suprise the kobolds, gain access to their basement, and then a Shedar-Kai mystic would open a gate between the worlds. The gnolls arrived too late though, both for the Shedar-Kai and themselves. The Shedar-Kai had already been wiped out and the gnolls were trapped in the material plane, between the kobold hordes above and the kobold necropolis below. Mekris assures you that the pack fought well, but in the end they were all killed or captured.

Various tricks were attempted to get the kobolds to free you, but they’re paranoid and sneaky and none of that worked. Fortunately, Kaifi is small enough to fit through their bolt holes and clever enough to steal their keys, so she ended up letting you out after a brief heart-to-heart with our tiefling Paladin.

Wary of facing unknown hordes of kobolds above them, the group descended to the necropolis and then used a ShadowKey to reach the Shedar-Kai sanctuary. There they discovered many dead Shedar-Kai and on the lower level, one of those wears-faces guys. Great battle was joined and the creature’s agility and skills turned out to be no match for our adventurers. The skeletons he called upon to help him arrived moments too late and now they and their leader are destroyed.



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